In collaboration with our industry partners, we develop bio-inspired materials and technologies to activate, program, and reinstate optimal immune system function.

We know how to partner with industry to address the toughest challenges that no group in academia or industry can solve by working in isolation.

Our research portfolio, which extends from basic science to translational research, includes: 


Nanoparticles that go undetected

  • Nano-delivery systems cloaked in biological membranes for targeted delivery of antigens, adjuvants, and other immunostimulatory agents

Enhanced immune responses

  • Biology-inspired and biology-derived nanoscale adjuvants and epitope display platforms

Plant viruses and phages for human health

  • Plant virus and phage-based adjuvants, immunotherapies and vaccines


Vaccine patches and delivery systems

  • Slow release implants for sustained immunotherapy
  • Micro-needle patches for self-administration
  • Immunotherapies with nanomotors for targeted delivery


Materials science

  • Cell instructive bio-materials to reprogram immune cells ex vivo or in vivo

Immuno cell engineering

  • Immune cell engineering and reprogramming
  • Remote-controlled immunotherapy
  • Re-wiring tumor cells to become immune cells


Computational and analytical immunology

  • Computational and experimental technologies for molecular immune cell profiling
  • Genomic and epigenomic probing of immune cell differentiation
  • AI and machine learning for epitope identification
  • High throughput screening of adjuvants